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Any problems?

If you go to the Dog Park and see something out of place, or see aggressive dogs, or objects in the park that shouldn’t be there, PLEASE let us know. At this time of year it’s difficult to monitor the park as closely as we would like, so we’re counting on folks who use the park to keep the Advisory Board updated. Write to us to report any problems. Thanks.
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HAPPY 2010, DOG!

happy new year dog park
The new year has brought with it some seriously cold weather which may have limited your use of the dog park. Don’t worry: once the warmer weather comes, we will be busy with upgrades and events. In the planning stages now is a public art project, which you’ll hear more about in coming weeks.

Regarding benches: thank you to everyone who has offered to donate a new bench to the park. We are currently developing an “adopt a bench” program and will publicize it in the spring. In the meantime, please do not bring plastic chairs or other pieces of outdoor furniture to the dog park.

On the road again: We are working with the City to get the turnaround area in front of the dog park paved for this spring. This will be a huge help when it comes to the rainy season and mud. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Santa at the Dog Park

adamThis photo says it all. Thanks to all who came to visit Santa at the Peekskill Dog Park back in December, and for your contributions to our canned dog food drive. It was a great day.

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Opening Day Photo Gallery

12139_167451304503_122930349503_2520703_5355537_nClick here for some great photos on our Facebook page from opening day ceremonies of the Peekskill Dog Park back on October 31, 2009.

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Exactly where IS the new dog park?

Google EarthClick on the image to the left. It’s a Google Earth view of Tompkins Park, with the area of the Dog Park outlined. The Dog Park is on the lower level of the park — if you’re up at the ballfields, you’re in the wrong place. The lower level is a few hundred feet west of the ballfield entrance. Easiest way to find the Dog Park: it’s off of Main Street (Route 6), just after you pass Beverage World on your right, and before you hit CVS at the Beach Shopping Center.

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The Dog Park’s History

The Peekskill Dog Park project began in September 2008, when Michael Sellers, a Peekskill resident and dog owner, approached the City to rekindle the idea of an off-leash area within the City of Peekskill where dogs could run in an enclosed area. Word soon spread and a volunteer group was quickly formed. The City was receptive to the idea and worked with the volunteer group by selecting some underdeveloped park land, clearing it and installing fencing. The entire process took roughly 18 months. The park officially opened on October 31, 2009.

The activities of the dog park are handled by the Peekskill Dog Park Advisory Board, which is made up of committed volunteers who share the dream of an off-leash park for their dogs in the City of Peekskill. The current Board includes:
Margaret Bryan
Halle Chizmadia
Adam Gerkhardt
Ginger McKee
Michael Sellers

The Dog Park Advisory Board is responsible for setting dog park rules and policy, working with the City on issues related to maintenance of the park, etc. Advisory Board members take leadership roles in various areas (fundraisers, events) so that we can involve as many people as possible in the development of a Dog Park community.

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